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I’m Gregory

3D Artist Designer

I create highly detailed and visually stunning 3D Graphics and animations
With a strong attention to detail, I am able to bring my clients’ visions to life in an efficient and creative manner.

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About Me

Meet me, a highly skilled 3D artist with experience
in creating high-quality digital graphics and animations.

Gregory is a 24-year-old 3D artist with 4 years of experience in the industry. He possesses a wide range of skills, including Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Rigging, Animation, Rendering and Simulation.

Gregory has a strong understanding of industry-standard software and technologies, which he utilizes to create visually stunning and highly detailed 3D assets for a variety of projects and mediums.

Because of his strong communication skills, Gregory is able to communicate effectively with clients and team members, ensuring that project requirements and deadlines are met.

He has a passion for bringing ideas to life through his work and is always eager to take on new challenges.

My Portfolio


Discover a world of imagination in my 3D artist portfolio.
Explore mesmerizing characters, environments, and captivating animations.

My Experience


Learn about my skills and discover my professional
experience in creating 3D graphics for various industries.

Professional Skills

Personal Qualities




Bachelor Degree Of Design

Bachelor of Design

RG University


Architectural Visualizer

Arch. Visualizer

ArchVis Studio


3D Artist/Designer

Freelance/Full time


3D Artist





Completed Projects


Years Experience

My Services


Unleash your imagination with my 3D services.
From character design to animation, I bring your visions to life.

3D Modeling

Creating a three-dimensional representation of an object or scene using specialized software


Adding color, texture, and other details to 3D models to make them look more realistic


Creating a virtual skeleton for controlling 3D character/object movement

Product Render

Create photorealistic images or product animations for advertising or marketing purposes


Bringing 3D models to life by creating movement and other dynamic effects


Creating realistic physics-based simulations, such as fluids, fire, smoke, cloth, and particles


Creating realistic physics-based simulations, such as fluids, fire, smoke

Visual Effects

Adding special effects, such as explosions or particle effects, to 3D animations or live-action footage

Virtual Reality

Use of 3D technology to create immersive, interactive experiences in a virtual environment

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